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Through the Moonlight

September 9, 2009

The only thing that is real
is eternal.
We don’t just wash away.
Everything that has ever been
has made it possible
for us to be here today.
My love for you is never ending,
even though I may have to send it
through the moonlight tonight.
You know I am waiting for you,
and I am counting the days
until we can disintegrate.
Underneath the waves,
there’s a person
without a place.
Let your surface float about.
Be at peace in this space.
We are all in relation,
and there is absolutely no such thing as space or time.
Just the two of us-
male and female,
and our relation
to the energy between our minds.
Can you not feel me when I think about you?
I get so lost some times.
I sense you intertwined.
I smell your essence.
Your little habits.
when I want you,
I look inside myself for you.