A Series of Theories

As I Have Expected
So Have I Collected
My Intentions in Extension
A Culmination of My Creation
A Dance in Chance of Circumstance

Disconnected as Expected
Unperfected and Rejected
Desolation Despairation
Destination Detonation

Releasing Control
Increasingly Whole
Without Any Doubt That Life Is About to be Found All Around
Contained in a Sound That I Found to Astound
Designed to Remind Us Our Thoughts Are Behind Us
Blinding Our Mind
The Sign of Mankind

We Stumble Asunder
Worry and Wonder
Cumbersome Under Enslumbering Blunder


Soon You Will See.. Something In Me
Finding The Key.. Setting Us Free

Trying to Hide.. Feeling Denied
Holding Inside.. Someone Beside Us To..
Show Us The Way
And Bring Us The Day
And Make It Okay
To Throw This Away

We Will Begin to Know From Within
No One Will Win~And Nothing Is Sin

Every Second-
Silence Sews a Secret Sense of Steady Searching
Seeing Simple People Stumble
Under Subtle Bubbles
Smothering Each Other
Stumbling They Suffer

Still, I Sit
A Single Solid Stone
Stopped Beside a Stream (of dreams) Alone
Scraped and Sliced With Sacrifice
My Surface Stings
Stowing Inside Insightful Cycle Style Circuit Patterns
Splattered Spirals Scrawled in Spectrums
Sectioned in Separate Surrounding Scenes (as if in a dream)(that’s how it seems)

I Stand and Scan
For Scattered Symbols
Scrambled Symphonies, Symmetries, Sophistication, and Circulation Sensations
Scripted in Ciphers-
Synchronistic Systems Suggesting a Serious Series of Sequences

I Study
Stationed in Solitaire
Sewing in Silence the Seeds of Suppression
Soon My Submission Position Will Splinter
Suddenly Sending Dissension Descending
Spinning Unspoken Disturbing Supposed Assumptions Supporting Distorted Perception Deceptions

I’m Feeling You (all)
Falling Down Again
Alone In My Pod and Praying For You
Seeing Me Flowering- Dreaming Forever
Seeing the Sun Like I’m The Only One
Reaching So Deeply
Feeling So Perfect and So Purposefully Perfectly Purply
Nothing Has Changed Since We Chose All Our Names
Has Anyone Else Survived?
Am I the Only Person Alive?
Watching the Sheep (pray me to sleep)
Everything That I Have Said
Still Is Sitting In My Head
Rarely Fed, and
Almost Dead
Is This a Page That I Have Read?
Is This a Drop of Blood That I Have Bled?
Bleeding Without Meaning- Every Time I Try to Go to Bed
Thinking Some Things- Having Some Dreams
As a Menial Being
Sunbeams on Some Dreams Bring Some Things Some Meanings
Freerly Seeing the Scenery Receding Bleakly
As We Speak Seemingly Discreetly
You’re Sneaking Sleepily~I’m Speedily Seeking a Peaking Reality…
A Fallacy Failing Formerly Fortunate Families Foully

Forgive me

Being meaning,

Meaning Being


One Response to “A Series of Theories”

  1. ashley Says:

    i’ve been reading your work..
    and it’s beautiful.

    it touches me.

    i have a feeling talking with you would help me to understand even more whats been going on with me lately.. so if you could email me that would be amazing….

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