Yonder ponder

hiding in the trees
with his animal divination.
Space at the beginning of creation.
The midnight season.
Find that man Music.

How many trees would we like to keep for infinity?
Is the space even real in our relationship,
or are we just expanding this point of consciousness?

The human race is a great big fucking vagina.

A little smoke is a handsome phantom.

When one does not see what one does not see,
one does not see one is blind.

The tapestry of a radiant life
enclosed in a wilderness-
this bloody witness.

In place of a circle, try a spiral
and smile.

Find a quite spot to meditate,
and you will slowly begin to resonate.

Focus on the spirit to manifest the light.

Your karma exists
in the collective unconsciousness.
Control the waves coming from your brain,
and watch it’s effect begin to wane.

Reduce your scars by matching the skin layers at an even height
after you’ve cut out everything holding you so tenderly.

Your love is a programmed attack sequence
with a gated trust and a candid documentary.
You can change the past by changing your focus.

I am in a learning mode,
but what choice is there?

Maybe they are here to watch us go.


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