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Into the shade

September 19, 2008

On a small road-
just the desert and me,
I walk alone on a pathway to infinity.
Nothing but sand for miles to see-
following the path is my destiny.
I carry on.
I pass a cactus. I pass a bush.

My feet disintegrate as the burning sand
takes its place in my flesh
(I’m a petrified man).
The sun is my master.
Under I stand.
I lower my head at his mighty command.
I carry on.
I pass a cactus. I pass a bush.

I hear the sound of the coyote.
I see the crow
following me.
I pass the carcass on which they both feed.
Having no concept of hunger and need
I carry on.
I pass the cactus. I pass the bush.

Under the sun to which I succumb
I feel my body begin to go numb.
I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight
as I surrender to the blanket of light.

Without my eyes, I can’t see the blisters.
All of the sights have turned into whispers.
I must find water, and I must find it soon-
feeling my way as I call to the moon.

“I’ve lost my road- I can’t see my way.
I’m on my knees- please help me,” I pray.
“I’m on my way to the end of the path”
I heard a sound, and I started to laugh.

It’s so familiar, and so far away.
I turn and listen to look for the way.
I feel it in me.
I hear it call.
After a moment I begin a long crawl.

It calls through the wind,
and it knows my name.
The river haunts me.
It drives me insane.
It says to me words that I never speak.
I must have water.
My body is weak.

So far away from the path that I knew,
my vision’s gone, but my direction is true.
The ground is changing-
I can feel with my hand.
A firmer substance is replacing the sand.

I feel the grass.
It tickles my nose.
It feels like magic between my toes.
Then, all of a sudden, I come to a wall.
I hit my head (I don’t remember my fall).

I have a dream in which I can fly.
When I awake I can open my eyes.
I see the wall was really a tree.
It was the shade that had been sheltering me.

I hear the stream, and I see it at last.
I take to running and forgetting the past.
Soon I am free- naked- airborne- jumping in.
I realize only then-
I do not know how to swim.

I fight the current.
I hold my breath.
My weight is determined to lead me to death.
My final shout is less than a cry
as I surrender and prepare to die.

How funny death
is more like a float.
What had seemed certain, now seems remote.
Now that I live, what should I do?
How could I know what I was jumping into?

For the first time I noticed the fish
using their bodies, they go where they wish.
(swim) (swim) (swim) (swim)

I am the river.
I am the fish.
Using my body,
I go where I wish.
(swim) (swim) (swim) (swim)

I head downstream.
I move with the flow.
Content to live within the boundaries I know.
The banks are changing.
The trees have all gone.
I feel so lonely, but I keep moving on.

Something is different.
I sense something new.
(I put it aside,
but the sound only grew)
I do not fight it, or strive to break free.
I’m in the stream, and the stream is in me.


In the stillness

September 16, 2008

In the stillness
of my own divinity
I sense throughout the eternal memory
this moment of clarity.
I surrender at will.
Giving way to the current I feel.
Adjusting the flow
around the ground where I grow.
…and this heartbeat I hear
holds me together
as the thought disappears.